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The way the papers were written for students to better understand what they read. Again I also had difficulty reading, the way it was structured was too much for me, it took me awhile to process what I read and it was a bit irritating at one point. Most of the time I would re-read a section I did not understand. I would look up the words I do not know. I would also underline the important parts of the story to see if I can figure out what the moral of the story is. Perl: I am glad that my research has helped you to better understand yourself. You have found better ways to become a better college writer by the way you read and write now. Me: I also notice tony was being a good example for the rest of the students. Teachers should be able to realize that we students can write the way teachers do; they are not giving us what we want to learn about writing. Teachers need to be working on our improvement more than them just grading what we wrote.

Me: Mr. Rose, I very much enjoyed the topic of your research. I suffer from what you describe as “writer’s block.” I had a teacher similar to the one that Ruth describes. My teacher said “never judge a book by its cover, judge it by its first sentence.” This has always echoed in my mind. I find myself opening books at the library or bookstores and reading the first sentence. If it catches my attention then I continue reading. If it is dull I will most certainly put it down and never give it another thought. So when it comes to writing I am the same way. I want to say something that will draw the reader into whatever it is I am writing. Mr. Rose: That is very interesting. Do you find that you spend a lot of time writing the opening paragraph? Does the rest of your writing suffer? How long might you struggle? Me: It depends. I hope that the entire piece is as entertaining or at least relevant to the opening sentiment, but you would be a better judge of that than me. How might I correct this intellectual “choking” if you will?

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