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Russell – I would like you to be more specific about your comments. Martin Luther King jr. was a powerful speaker. I liked how he said that he wished that white people and black people could one day stand together as one person. Please put more thought into your responses. Someone posted as “Anonymous” and made an interesting comment – saying that he or she was confused. Just for your information – you won’t get a mark without attaching your name to your comment! When Martin Luther King Jr. did his speech, I felt that he inspired all of us. If they want to be free, they could be free if they want to. Ir doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it doen’t matter, because we’re all the same. His dreams makes me realize that we can’t give up, we all have a dream. We all are going to do it together.

Genny – Make sure to proofread before you post. Martin Luther King Jr did not fight AGAINST black rights – but FOR black (and all people’s) rights. Marsha – Very well said. The student’s perentation is interesting, because the parts of the speech that they presented are presented in an interesting way. It’s all inspiring and makes us feel stronger. In my life I could stop giving uop and try my best, everything could happen if I try. I thought Martin Luther King Jr. had a great heart and always thought positive thoughts he was a great man from my point of view, his speak was very very sad. He had a dream and were following it. Chelsea – his speech is even sadder as we trace the history of MLK Jr’s life. In this speech he says he may not be here to see the world change. It turns out he was right as he was murdered shortly after he made the “I Have a Dream” speech.

I wonder how MLK Jr would feel if he were still alive and attending Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States tomorrow! Hi Makusi – go back to my post. There are links to both of the videos there! The video was amazing and it’s sad that Martin Luther King died its good knowing people still remebering him if there was more people like him in the world it would be a better place. Just amgine G.W.bush like Martin Luther King the war with Iraq woudve been avoidable! O well not everyone is perfect. Alex – I’d like you to go into more detail – what parts made you feel sad? What made you feel encouraged? How can you apply the things that he said to your own life? Philip – That is very interesting. I agree that there should be more leaders in the world who believe in passive resistance like MLK Jr. I think that war is never a good idea.

I think there are much better ways to solve conflicts. I watched the first video and i was very inspired at how these kids are so involved in something important like this. Hi Cody – I like that you used the word “empowering”. How did you feel empowered? What did his speech make you want to do? Can you imagine if this was the first time you were hearing a black person speak? Would you feel the same way? Think about how many minds Martin Luther King Jr changed. Many people were very racist and didn’t even want to hear someone like him speaking. Suddenly – he is passing on a message of equality and peace. How could you not be moved? Martin Luther King’s words where very powerful and hopeful. For anyone that was out there when he was making his speach they would feel that he was sure of what he was saying and that his words wheere true that there was hope for changejust like me.

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