Question: CA24-12 ETHICS (Reporting of Subsequent Events) In June 2017, the board of directors for McElroy Enterprises Inc. authorized the sale of $10,000,000 of

corporate bonds. Jennifer Grayson, treasurer for McElroy Enterprises Inc., is concerned about the date when the bonds are issued. The company really needs the cash,

but she is worried that if the bonds are issued before the company’s year-end (December 31, 2017) the additional liability will have an adverse effect on a number of

important ratios. In July, she explains to company president William McElroy that if they delay issuing the bonds until after December 31 the bonds will not affect the

ratios until December 31, 2018. They will have to report the issuance as a subsequent event which requires only footnote disclosure. Grayson expects that with expected

improved financial performance in 2018, ratios should be better. Instructions (a) What are the ethical issues involved? (b) Should McElroy agree to the delay?

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