Part 1-

Discuss the powerful movements that transformed European society during the early modern era.

Briefly describe the origin of each, and how it affected society as a whole.

Which had the most impact? Why?
Part 2-

Trace the development of the slave trade.

Under what circumstances did the slave trade begin?

How did the Islamic Slave Trade change the existing system?

How did it change again during the Atlantic Slave Trade?

Describe the experience of the Middle Passage.

What effect did it have on the captured Africans?

Finally, what impact did slave trade have on Africa and the Western world?

Part 3-

Compare and Contrast the three Islamic Empires discussed in your readings: Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal. Chronicle the empires from their rise to power to their decline.

How were they similar?

How were they different?

What lands did they control?

What effect did the western world have on the empires?

Part 4-

Define nationalism. In what ways do countries promote nationalism? How can nationalism be beneficial? In what ways can it be negative?

Discuss the unification of Germany and Italy, as well as Zionism as examples of nationalism.

Part 5-

Explain Revolutions of America, France, and Latin America) about 450+ Words

Part 6-

Discuss the Industrial Revolution. What sparked industrialization? What major innovations were developed? Where did it begin and how did it spread? How did industrialization change the role of women and children? Describe the factory conditions. Did they have a positive or negative effect on the workers? Overall, how big of an impact did industrialization have?

Part 7-

Chronicle 19th century European imperialism. What were the motives for imperialism? How was it justified? What overall effect did it have, not only on those countries that were colonized, but also the world as a whole? Provide two specific examples from your readings.

Part 8- Chronicle World War I. Why did the war start? How did it turn into a global affair? Who were the major players and what sides did they take? What role did European colonies play in the war? Who won? What were the peace terms? Were they fair?

Part 9-

Compare and contrast three “isms” of the 20th Century – Fascism, Communism, and Nazism (National Socialism). Describe the beliefs of each. Identify any common themes that were present. Which countries embraced the movements? What leaders were associated with each?

How did the movement affect society? What impact did the movements collectively have on the world?

Part 10-

Discuss one of the events below. Make sure to include the main players involved, the importance the event had to World War II, as well as the human component to the event. Include data from your textbook and supplementary readings to support your response.

Part 11-

Discuss one of the events below. In your post make sure to briefly describe how the Cold War began, how the event illustrated the tensions of the war, and why the Cold War ended. Include data from your textbook and supplementary readings to support your response.

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