What is a research proposal

A Research topic should be:
1- Specific.
2- Measurable.
3- Achievable.

The Research Proposal
1- What is a research proposal?
2-Why should you present a research proposal?
3- How to Develop the Research Proposal?
4- Suggested Format for the Research Proposal
What is a Research proposal?
Various terminologies are used to mean a research proposal depending on why the research is carried out?
?Research outline
?Plan of research
?Research/project proposal
?Thesis plan
It details how the study will be completed in order to achieve the aims and objectives and address the research questions or problems

Why should you present a research proposal?
1- the research proposal is meant to convince your supervisor or department of the validity of your research project and that you have the ability and the work-plan to complete it.

2- Witting the research proposal gives you an opportunity to think through your project carefully, and define what you exactly want to  investigate.
3- The research proposal can provide you with an outline that guides you through the research process.
4- Lets your supervisor and/or department know exactly what your research is going to be about and how you are going to do it.
5- The research projects helps the department to choose an appropriate supervisor based on the latter’s specialization
How to Develop the Research Proposal?

1.Choosing an appropriate research topic .
2.Narrowing down and focussing your topic
3.Determining research objectives
4. formulating  specific research questions for investigation .
5.Outlining the main literature in the topic area
6.Deciding on research methodology.
7.Proposing an approach to data analysis
8.Developing a timeline
9.Developing a budget and resources you will need
Developing a bibliography/list of references
Suggested Format for Research Proposal
Table of Contents
?Literature review
?Significance of Research
?Research Question
?Research Methodology
?Ethical Consideration.
?Limitations of the study.
?Expected Results.

Course Introduction
The Graduation Project is a substantial piece of research that students are required to complete in order to graduate. Under the supervision of course instructors, students will make use of previous courses in terms of methodology and content, and put together a complete research proposal for their graduation.
Throughout the process, students will benefit from the feedback and guidance of course instructors in three main fields (linguistics, translation and literature). The process gives students a hands-on experience in designing substantial projects and applying their analytical and problem-solving skills in a professional manner.

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