Assignment 2: More Religious Views on the Environment

Read the following articles, and answer the associated questions.

(1) Barry Freundel, “Jewish Tradition, the Traditional Jew and the Environment,” p. 618.

(2) Mawil Y. Izzi Deen, “Islamic Environmental Ethics, Law, and Society,” p.633. 

(3) Lily De Silva, “The Buddhist Attitude Towards Nature,” p. 650.

Question for (1) Freundel, “Jewish Tradition.”

Question 1: Please identify and list as many important Jewish beliefs regarding the environment as you can. Please number them.


Questions for (2) Mawail Izzi Deen, “Islamic Environmental Ethics, Law, and Society”

Question 2: According to Islam, what are the 8 legal and ethical reasons for protecting the environment? List them (number them) and give a brief explanation of what they are. (See the section, “The Foundation of Environmental Protection”) Are any of these good? Which ones and why. If not, then why?

Question 3: What is Islam’s view of the “Sustainable Care of Nature”? Explain it 

first. Second, are these good ideas? Why or why not?


Questions for (3) Lily De Silva, “The Buddhist Attitude Towards Nature.”

Question 4: The author states, “Buddhism strictly limits itself to delineating a way of life designed to eradicate human suffering.” If so, then why would Buddhists have any concern for the environment?


Question 5: Referring to the section “Attitude Towards Animal and Plant Life,” explain all the Buddhist attitudes towards animal and plant life. 


Question 6: Do you believe these Buddhist attitudes towards animal and plant life are good attitudes to have? Also, in your opinion, how does this compare with Christian attitudes toward nature?


Question 7: What sort of lifestyle does Buddhism advocate? Explain it. (See the Conclusion.) What do you think of the Buddhist lifestyle views? Are they practical?


Question 8: Reviewing Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity (e.g. Dobel’s views), are there any ideas we could use from each if we wanted to start building an environmental ethic? What ideas would you include? Which ideas would you avoid?


Question 9: Which religion do you think has the most to contribute? Explain why. Which has the least to contribute? Explain why.