#2 Body Composition: Research 2 different body composition formulas. Some may be for specific populations (athletes, elderly, cardiac), some might use body density and some may use circumference measurements.

· What variables are important in measuring body composition?

· What is the reliability of these formulas? (reliability = consistency)

· What is the margin of error? (this will typically be a percentage i.e.: 3-5% )

· Experiment with 2 subjects using these 2 different formulas. Using each formula on each subject compare the results.

· Determine their Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)using the Harris Benedict formulas, BMI, fat free mass and pounds to lose (if applicable) based on the ACSM recommendations for body composition.

· (BMI and Waist Hip Ratio are NOT considered body compositions formulas.) You may NOT use either of these.

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