Topic: Whether or not introducing Electric and Hybrid cars in China will help to reduce air pollution.

China Air Pollution (Focusing on bringing in Electric & Hybrid Cars into China)   Curious to find out whether or not Electric car or Hybrid cars are as good as promoted and can these make a difference from the usual petrol running car.   These Electric and Hybrid cars might not be as “healthy” to the environment and also human body.

Use of cars are unavoidable, in relation with the population growth and public transport just cannot cope with the population growth. (In China)   Contribution from transportation plays a major role in air pollution in China.

Findings might include:   – Population numbers might affect the use of cars  – public transport enough for the public or not?  – Any proof that using electric or hybrid car can overcome gas petrol cars ? what are the bad effects – Pollution contributed by cars in china, statistic, graph, etc.

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