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Next up, you need to lay out the results of your experiment. But, don’t just list the data. Instead of that, you should complete statistical analysis and pick only the most important data to include. This section should be a mix of text, numbers, tables, graphs or even images. It’s important to keep in mind that the Results section shouldn’t include any analysis of the data (that is the next section’s purpose). Use only clear and precise language to provide your results without any bias. After you present your data, you can start discussing its implications, taking any possible fudge factors. Restate your research question and tell whether you can answer it with the results of your experiment. Also mention whether your hypothesis was correct, and what conclusions you were able to draw. It’s also important to address any problems you had in your research. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with disproving your hypothesis or getting non-standard data as long as you’re able to provide a clear explanation for why you think that happened.

This section should also compare the results of your experiment with the already published literature. Lastly, you’d want to discuss the new questions that are brought up by your results, if any. The Conclusion is yet another standard part of the lab report (sometimes it can be combined with the Results section), and this is where you sum everything up. Revisit the hypothesis you stated in your introduction and analyze whether or not it is acceptable if you combine the sections mentioned above. If your hypothesis isn’t confirmed, you should mention that in the Conclusion. This paragraph should be brief – possibly only one page or less – and it should pertain to the entire experiment. However, in some instances, your professor may ask you to write about the importance of your research for future scientific experiments or identify the pros and cons of a certain method. If it is impractical to situate figures and graphs (especially if they are very complex or only marginally applicable) within the other sections of your lab report, and usually, all those go into the “Appendices” section.

When you reference such figures and graphs in your lab report, be sure you clearly label them, e.g., “Figure 1” and indicate that they can be located in your Appendices. Another common section sometimes included in a lab report is “References.” There, you acknowledge other people’s work that was referred to or drawn upon in your paper. Be sure to format all in-text citations as well as your bibliography correctly. There are many different citation styles for the science fields, and selecting the appropriate format depends on the discipline to which your experiment pertains. How is a lab report formatted? Issues like citations, title pages, capitalization, and spacing are covered in writing style guides. There are lots of guides out there, and which one you use will likely depend on what kind of class you’re taking. The matter is, how to write a good lab report. Since we’ve analyzed all the methods, let’s move on now to drawing a conclusion.

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