Who Was George F. Kennan?

False. Although World War I greatly affected all countries involved and left a deep trace in history, it strengthened positions of the USA in the world and brought adjustments to American Society. It is known that World War I changed the balance of political forces on the international arena. In the course of the war and right after it, the military forces of the USA greatly improved. In such favorable conditions, the USA developed faster and produced more than other countries. It gained the reputation of a post-war leader, and took an active part in the European affairs. Although the years immediately following World War I were years of social unrest and racial tension, the USA did not suffer from mass destruction that took place in most European countries. It gave the USA a chance to advance its positions and improve life conditions of people. Besides, because the USA got involved in military affairs only in 1918, its war casualties were not as numerous as in other countries.

The prosperity of Americans was the result of many technical and marketing innovations in American business and industry. As a result, the level of job loss decreased and salaries became higher. According to statistics, the average income of American workers increased twice in comparison with pre-war times. While in other countries, people suffered from deficit and lack of food, American society gradually improved its welfare. The USA entered a new stage of industrial evolution. Besides, the immigration to the USA also contributed to social prosperity. European immigrants came to the new land in search of jobs and better life, and new labor force increased the potential of the USA. Apart from this, it is known that the USA supplied other countries with weapons and ammunition, and the amount of export rapidly increased. It brought considerable profit and contributed to the welfare of American society. In such a way, all the above stated points prove that for American society post-war times were characterized by great adjustments. We Can Write Custom Research Papers on US History for You! 2. During the Republican era (1921 to 1933) economic, political, and foreign policy was not successful at all!

False. The Republican era was a long process of economic and political changes, and we cannot say that it only aggravated the situation in the USA, as there were some positive changes as well. Republicans came to power in 1920, when the USA suffered industrial and economic crisis, caused by many factors, such as the results of the Paris Peace Conference. The Republican government introduced radical changes into the state regulation. Firstly, the introduction of “dry law” negatively affected American society. Naturally, the prohibition of alcohol production and distribution brought about criminal growth, and as a result, this amendment was abolished. Moreover, despite the economic crisis, American manufacturers were desperately looking for profit, and were ready to use any means to gain it. It led to a high level of corruption and political machinations. On the other hand, there was a positive side of Republican policy. In 1920, women gained right to vote, which was a serious reform in the political sphere. However, the post-war economic instability of 1920s not only revealed the drawbacks of capitalism, but also brought troubles to American society.

Millions of people lost their jobs and became useless for society. Mass job loss caused despair, hopelessness and even anger among common people. The gap between wealthy and poor people was gradually growing. It is important to emphasize that home policy of Republicans aggravated social problems and led to workers’ strikes throughout the country. However, the years of 1922-1929 were characterized by industrial growth in the USA. Rapid rates of economic growth can be explained by temporary political and financial stability. New plants and factories were supplied with new technological equipment. Considerable growth of car industry is a bright example of economic stability, which was accompanied by national prosperity. Nevertheless, this period of prosperity did not last for long. Beginning with 1929, American prosperity began to rapidly decline. The stock market crashed and serious weaknesses in American economy became apparent. As a result, the United States entered a long period of economic depression.

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