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Since then, Hill has cranked out plenty of quality content (not the least of which being his work helping create for HBO), yet never seems to quite get the respect he deserves for the massive influence he had over Hollywood. Then when he got out of jail the plastic surgeon jumped him, the operation was performed, and he reverts to a serial killer. HILL: I didn’t do a goddamn thing with it for years. Then I called Denis up in the 90s to see if it was still available. It’s likely because many would dismiss those influential works as mere entertainment, but entertainment is rarely ever so good. Michelle’s stuff tended not to have not so much dialogue, but they were obviously physical. It really became a movie about the police trying to solve the problem. So I spent my own money because I was sure even then I couldn’t get anyone to put up any dough for this. Then another, Christ, it must have been three years ago I was rooting around in my basement and found Denis’ first draft.

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