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Why I want to be a Physician AssistantHello, I am applying for physician assistant program and am having a lot of trouble with my personal statement. See, in the past few years my GPA fell drastically. Not because I was a bad student or anything, it was because I have depression which was caused by watching my little sister attempt suicide, and about a year after that she attempted to run away from home and did for a week, then a few months after that my childhood best friend passed away in a car accident, and if that wasn’t the worst…I lost four more friends due to car accidents, and one accidental overdose that following months. It has been a few rough years, but I am pushing forward. I run my own online business that helps connect men and women in fashion from all parts of the world, I volunteer for Hunger for Hope (a local organization that helps feed the homeless), I volunteer for the Make-A-Wish foundation as a wish granter for children so their wishes can be granted, I speak three different languages, am a soon to be published author with a book coming out in a month or two, play two musical instruments, and have over 5 hours of direct patient care experience along with volunteer and job shadowing experience. I work hard, study harder, had to save my own sisters life, and vow to save many more physicially, and mentally.The post Why I want to be a Physician Assistant appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.
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