1. Why is Judge Landis such an important figure in Jackie Robinson’s story?
2. You don’t have to quote it word for word, but give the general idea behind Jackie Robinson’s famous quotation that is displayed prominently at the new Mets stadium in New York.

3. Why was Branch Rickey a positive force in baseball during the 1940s?
4. How does Jackie’s relatively short career demonstrate why star power can make
such a big difference in a team sport.
5. Why does Josh Gibson’s life make such a sad contrast to Jackie Robinson’s?
6. Explain how Jackie Robinson used his abilities in other sports to improve the way he

played baseball.
7. Explain the significance of the family secret about Lindbergh that came to light in
8. Explain the meaning of the phrase, “Purdue’s answer to Lindbergh.”
9. Finish this quotation and explain its meaning: “Every great adventure has a point of
______ _______.”
10. How was Lindbergh’s life affected by the kidnapping of his child?
11. Explain Amelia’s view of activities that might involve competing with large

numbers of people.
12. How did J. Edgar Hoover manage to stay in charge of the FBI for more than 40
13. Why was Dillinger bitter about the punishment he received for his first felony
14. Explain the significance of this quotation: “Die the way you lived, all of a sudden.
That’s the way to go. Don’t drag it out.”
15. Why was stealing Lillian Holley’s car such a big mistake for Dillinger?

16. If the FBI could have captured Dillinger instead of killing him, where was the best
federal prison for holding him in the 1930s, and why was it escape-proof?
17. Give two reasons why small towns in the Midwest were good for Dillinger’s
18. How did Dillinger’s luck run out in Tucson?
19. Explain why point-of-view is important in understanding the story of Helen
Keller’s life.
20. Give two reasons why Mark Twain was important in Keller’s life.

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