What is the nature of this accomplishment? The first step was to see that all students enrolled in physical education had a school agenda. Students were asked to bring their agenda twice a week, on Friday and on Monday. Each Friday, I, the teacher, would write the date and state the student’s weekly progress. Statements in the agendas would include; Pass/failing grades, missing assignments, days of absences, participation in class activity and the unit we are presenting. The students are to take back this information to their parents and share their accomplishments for that week. There is a place for the parent to sign off after reading the agenda and a space to write in their comments if any. Being in a rural setting, I have found this to be a good way of communication tool. In most cases, both parents work full time and telephoning them at work is not a good idea. This makes it really hard for teachers to communicate with the parents. Since the students see their parents at home this would be a good time to address the agenda.

This makes the students responsible for taking and bringing back information that is given in their agenda. We Can Write Custom Essays on Accomplishment for You! Why is this accomplishment significant? My classes are successful because of the structure of each class. One of the tools that make my profession significant and successful is using student agendas. All students here receive the first agenda free and are charged five dollars for second agenda if lost. This agenda is the tool I use to communicate with family. I’ve tried many ways to communicate with family on the progress of their child. I’ve discussed this with my colleagues about communicating with parents and this seems to be the best means of communication and thus far has been very worthwhile and has worked very well. The main point is communication with families, this was using the schools agendas to relate and interact with their child’s education. When students come back to school on Monday, they are to return their agenda with the parents signatures and any comments that I may need to address.

Consequences follow when an agenda is not signed and /or turned in. Two consecutive agenda’s not turned in will result in a phone call to parents. It is very fortunate that I am bilingual. Every day of each year I learn more by conversing with students and my colleagues. Instruction is given in English and Spanish languages. This has given me the confidence to become a better teacher. It has strengthened my knowledge, skills and my teaching practices through my professional growth. It has been a learning experience for me. It has been a great tool for an interactive, two-way communication, with the emphasis on student learning. How has what you described had an impact on students learning? School agendas have made a big impact on student learning. Students stay focused on keeping in touch with their progress and parents are aware of their child’s education. On one occasion, one student was signing his own agenda, knowing the student, I felt very suspicious about the signature on his agenda, and I did a follow-up with a phone call to the parent.

The parent had no idea that his son was forging his signature. The student was doing poorly in class. The student failed the first grading period. Now with the parent more aware of the agenda that same student became one of our better students. What is the nature of this accomplishment? I would like to acknowledge is my homebound teaching. Students who fall into this category have reasons ranging from physical health to mental stability disabilities. Such placements must be approved by the central administration office. Services range from full to part time status depending on the need of each individual. A part time student may attend school A.M. P.M. and home bound the other half of the day. I teach the student who is on a full time status. The place of learning takes place in their home most of the time. Student stays on task because of the individual help they are receiving.

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