Description–Must utilize a genre that blends images, visual design, and text- a multimodal genre.
–Must have a minimum of 800 words of text in addition to visual images
–Must cite all images utilized from web sources
–You must incorporate and cite a minimum of four WRITTEN sources to support the argument
You need to analysis every point with different scholars? arguments/debates/sources. But here most of the points are discuss/analysis based on one or two arguments/sources. For example: you describe the point ?Corruption? (page-13) based on only one source/argument (Appadurai, 2016). It does not ensure the good analysis (you need to describe based one different arguments and debate which ensure critical analysis).

?Humans are pattern-seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not? (adapted from Michael Shermer). Discuss knowledge questions raised by this idea in two areas of knowledge.?