Win or Lose the Battle to Sell Your Paintings on Day One explores the process for an artist to undertake in selling their paintings. Darrell Crow, artist and author, identifies the major pitfall most artist make on Day One when considering to sell their paintings. He shows you how to avoid the pitfall and to set yourself up for success beginning day one. Darrell covers the types of decisions to make with an example that is a blueprint all artists can easily use in establishing their market niche. Darrell also covers how to find easy markets and early sales. This article is a must read for anyone just starting out or having problems in selling their paintings and works of art. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from students is, “Do you have any suggestions on how to sell our paintings. When I hear this question, a couple of thoughts really flood my mind.

Actually, its more like a King Kong Stampede. First, people who attend Flea Markets, yard sales and block offerings are looking for what? Low, dirt low prices. So unless your work is of flea market quality, I suggest you dont consider becoming the Flea Market Dog of Art. You have to go to places that establish you as an artist. First things first. Sit down and ask yourself some very tough, soul searching questions. Why do you want to sell your art? And the reason I ask that question, is because most people dont know. The first reason to sell your art is because by golly, you want to make some money. All other reasons are secondary. If theyre not…..than the question should not be about how to sell your paintings. So if youre going to want to make money, the next logical question to ask is …. So who will give you money for your art?

” This is called establishing a market niche. It just means a group of people, who have something in common, who would be interested in buying your art. All battles for selling paintings are won and lost on the first day you pick your market. You when or lose depending on ‘Who” you choose. Successful marketing of your paintings is not so much about “What paintings” you market, “What style you use,” or “How” you market or go about selling them as it is about “Who. To whom do you chose to market. If you get the “Who” right, than everything else will fall into place. If you don’t, not even the greatest marketing in the world will help you. The fanciest cart on earth – the best product, the slickest web marketing campaign – won’t get you anywhere without a good market ‘horse to pull it. In contrast, with the right horse you don’t have to worry too much about the cart. Nature will take care of itself. If it is the right offer to the right person at the right time, I can write it on the back of an old paper bag in crayon and it will sell.

If so, what was the cause? There are 4 Discussion Board Forums completed throughout this course. For each forum, you are required to post a thread of at least 350 words. You are also required to post a minimum of 1 reply of at least 250 words to another classmate’s thread. You must incorporate a minimum of 2-3 citations in each reply as well as integrate 1 biblical principle. Acceptable sources include any of the assigned textbooks, the Bible, outside texts, and articles from peer-reviewed journals. You will compile a series of statements (usually done as bullet points) that will assert the attitudes, actions, and behaviors of the person you genuinely aspire to become. Because of the personal nature of this assignment, you will not be asked to discuss these in class or with anyone else. As you prepare to complete this assignment, schedule several blocks of time to be alone with your own thoughts.

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