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Calvinist people also participated in the witch-hunt in a big way. Puritans believed that those who attend the Church regularly, who are faithful are the people of God and those who are faithless, those who do not attend Church can be and are used by the Devil to do bad work. Different sects started forming in the Christian religion in 16-17th century. The meaning of religiousness kept altering. At the same time Europe’s economy was becoming more and more global. It was turning from the traditional agricultural way to trading-export-import way. In those times of changing principles and ethics, people were living under tremendous insecurity, instability, confusion and uncertainty. So they ended up believing that Devil is at work for their bad fortune. It was already believed that Devil gets his job done by possessing someone and using that witch or wizard for his evil work. This entire situation was very conducive to spread the belief that witches exist in the community.

Fanatic is someone who is marked by excessive enthusiasm and has often intense uncritical devotion for his religion. If you look at fanaticism through the window of this definition, puritans of the 17th century were fanatics. They oppressed and killed others brutally due to their own intense religious beliefs. But if you look at it from a different angle, they might not be called fanatics unless you want to brand today’s society as fanatics as well. Most people from scholars and ministers to common people of the 17th century believed strongly in Devil and witches and wizards, today’s society believes equally fanatically in Science and Reasoning. Because of the wrong interpretation of changing situation and circumstances in the 17th century, accusations of witchcraft and wizardry were growing and the whole thing was perverted. The same logic can be applied to 20th century society. Aren’t the world wars and use of weapons of mass destruction like atomic bombs a perverse manifestation of excessive and fanatic exploitation of Science? In that sense, societies of these different centuries can be called fanatics. 80% of those who were accused of witchcraft were women.

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