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Contemporary culture seems obsessed with celebrities, as evidenced by the popularity of magazines, tabloids, television programs, and Internet sites that track the slightest comings and goings of actors, musicians, models, and even those who are famous simply for being famous. Write an essay in which you speculate about the cause of this obsession with celebrities. What is it about the lives of ordinary people that makes them so interested in the lives of famous people? You may draw on outside evidence if you feel it is necessary. Remember that any time you draw on outside evidence, you must cite your sources with an in-text citation and a works cited entry. Outside evidence ought to take the form of verifiable, credible, current sources. You will be held accountable for the veracity of the sources you choose to employ. Good Luck! How will your essay be scored? See the following guidelines: Your essay should address the assignment parameters in a clear, concise, and engaging fashion. For full details, look at the essay prompt. Your essay should have an identifiable, clean structure. It should have an introduction with an appropriate attention-grabber and a clear thesis. It should have several body paragraphs of appropriate length. It should have a conclusion. Your body paragraphs should make use of cited evidence as necessary (from credible sources, of course). The cited evidence should be properly introduced and analyzed. Your essay should be free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Your essay should be in impeccable MLA document format and impeccable MLA citation format.

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