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And the campaign has provided the objectives of the programme and the time frame that the programme will be operated for. Therefore the health care campaign will be operated according to the time frame and also the strategic tactics that will be used will be designed according to the needs of the objectives. Therefore it can be concluded that the health campaign has the strategic approach. The socio economic effects of obesity among children in London Borough of Newham have been identified and the government sources of reporting health care inequalities were described. The barriers of accessing health care services were analysed. The links between government strategies and the health care models were identified. The professional roles in achieving the health care goals were identified. The relation of health beliefs to theories of health was identified. A health care campaign was designed to reduce the smoking in London Borough of Newham. And how the health care campaign follows the health care strategies was also identified. Butler, I., and Gwenda, R. (2004), Social Work with Children and Families: Getting into Practice (2nd Ed.). Gail, P., Audrey, L.N., Emily, S.P. Graham, B., and Steven, P. (2008), Your Foundation in Health and Social Care: A Guide for Foundation Degree Students, SAGE. Lishman, J. (2007), Handbook for practice learning in social work and social care: knowledge and theory. Payne, M. (2011), Humanistic Social Work: Core Principles in Practice, Chicago: Lyceum, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.

The world has also improved on sanitation since the time. Germany didn’t get struck very hard from the plague due to their laws that made Germany a more sanitary society. Germany at the time practiced a level of sanitation that is easily not as advanced as almost any culture in the world today. Ebola’s scientific background is more complex due to the fact that it can mutate at a very fast rate. The first outbreak in Zaire had mutated from a virus that only infected monkeys to an airborne version that infected humans as well. The viruses’ infection starts as a common cold then hits the blood stream. Once in the blood stream, it targets an organ that produces chemicals that hold the bonds between cells in other organs that keep the organs shape and structure. The virus then breaks apart bonds that hold cells together in organs. The infected organs in essence turn to mush and skin (being an organ) seeps body fluids from its pores and weak points like the eyes.

This would send body fluids containing the virus flying in all directions enabling it to move from person to person by infecting a large area around the convulsing victim. The next stage is death. This would all happen in a matter of days. One of the reasons Ebola is so hard to contain is because it can survive in a dead body for weeks. The term “Crash and Burn” was a term coined by Richard Preston, author of the book The Hot Zone. The term is used to describe the stage of the Ebola infection when the infected goes into convolutions and their body temperature increases dramatically. This is the final stage before death. Like HIV it can mutate at an amazing rate making it impossible to create a vaccine to fight it. Due to these reasons if it were to infect a large populace that lived reasonably close together, like India, the result would be devastating because the virus would not have enough room to kill itself out. The number of people that have died as a result of the bubonic plague is in the millions. In Europe alone, it has claimed millions of lives.

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