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1. Question : Which reagent gives off the most toxic fumes? Question 3. Question : Silver physical developer reagents work better on nonporous surfaces. Question 4. Question : According to the textbook, it is important to follow what procedure with wet paper items before processing? Question 5. Question : Which of these is a disadvantage of Ninhydrin processing? Question 6. Question : Which chemical process can be used after an item has already been treated with ninhydrin? Question 7. Question : Because of human skin’s pliability, possible distortion of fingerprints deposited by an assailant may occur. Question 8. Question : Iodine may be used on any surface. Question 9. Question : What is considered the best sequence for processing porous surfaces? Question 10. Question : Even though the skin regulates the body’s temperature and excretes waste matter through perspiration, latent prints will always still be present on the surface. In the interest of conducting a lively, engaging discussion, please keep the following in mind: Opposing viewpoints are key to any vibrant discussion, but remember to use Internet etiquette and be respectful of your classmates’ views and opinions.

Provide constructive feedback or ask clarifying questions if you do not understand a classmate’s comment. Most importantly, have fun interacting with the unit content, your classmates, and your instructor! For Discussion Board requirements, refer to your course Syllabus or to the Discussion Board Rubric, posted in Doc Sharing. You have studied some difficult surfaces for obtaining latent fingerprints in past units. What type of surface may be difficult to obtain touch DNA from? How would the environment affect this fragile evidence? Describe how you would collect a fingerprint from a weapon that could possibly have touch DNA on it as well. How would you collect the possible DNA? Which would you collect first? 1. Question : Scientists are hopeful that DNA can eventually be recovered from what? Question 2. Question : The use of RFLP analysis has allowed subnanogram quantities of DNA to be detected and analyzed allowing us to find DNA in fingerprint residue.

Question 4. Question : The following substance was discovered to be a contaminant when analyzing fingerprint residue. Question 5. Question : On March 23, 2007, which case resulted in the conviction of a brutal murderer based on expert testimony relating to “touch DNA” evidence. Question 6. Question : The more frequently Luminol is applied to a bloody fingerprint, the greater the chance you have of obtaining a DNA profile. Question 7. Question : The following has an adverse effect on the collection of touch DNA. Question 8. Question : The following fingerprint process could have negative affects on DNA collection. Question 9. Question : Canadian scientists claim they can extract DNA from a fingerprint in 15 minutes. Question 10. Question : Sticky side powder is one of the safest reagents to use on items of evidence containing bloody prints. Ethics can be defined as a set of principles concerning the proper conduct for an individual to follow in their line of work.

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