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A contact form is the most common way to do this, but any other form acceptable to your instructor can be used. JavaScript should be used to validate the entries into the form, such as whether required fields are filled in or an email is in the proper format (name@site.ext). The results of this validation should be shown to the user in a popup window. Validate each week’s homepage against the Markup Validation Service on the W3C® website. Eliminate all errors you can, though work with your instructor on any oddities that arise. Submit a screen shot each week showing the results of this validation. Include appropriate meta-data on each page related to the content on that page. You should test your site to validate that it is fully functional and works correctly. Use an appropriate folder structure for your site, putting the HTML pages at the top level and other elements (CSS, images, etc.) in appropriate subfolders. Now that you are learning to create your own HTML pages, the possibilities really begin to open up for you!

For example, you could create a family website to publish your own digital pictures for your friends and family to look at. Another very useful thing that you can do is to create your own download page. Have you ever wanted to email a file to someone, but that file was larger than what was acceptable for that person’s email server, and it was rejected? Well, now, you could create your own download page, by simply creating hyperlinks to those files. Then, instead of emailing the actual file(s) to people, you could just supply the hyperlink to your download page, and have them click on the hyperlink, and download the file(s). The possibilities are unlimited now. Well, what you will be doing in this class, is just creating your HTML pages, saving them in a directory on our hard drive, and double clicking on the file to view them. When you do that, your pages are not actually being “served up” by a Web server. Instead, your Web browser just loads the HTML file up, parses the tags and content, and then renders you page in the browser window.

Next time you try it, look at the address bar of your browser. If you want others to be able to view your HTML pages from across the Internet, then you need to “publish” your pages (put them on a computer that has Webserver software running on it). Now would be a perfect opportunity for everyone, who has not already went through the process of the publishing their web pages, to actually try it out! Here is the link to a FREE web host that actually doesn’t inject any of have any of those annoying ads into your pages! Here are some links to some more free web hosts. Work together to create a list of essential design criteria for evaluating a website assigned to your team by your facilitator (if applicable) or a virtual organization. Evaluate the site to determine the intended purpose and audience. Pick at least 20 specific design criteria to evaluate. Organize the list using category headings. Format the list into a table or form.

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