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Is health care a fundamental right under the 14th amendment? Post your opinion on the topics, questions, and what you have learned from the week’s discussion topics. ] and meet APA guidelines and graduate standards in writing. It should also be respectful and supportive in tone. ], local healthcare systems are not prepared to respond to this type of bioterrorist attack. Is this a true statement? Is there a national emergency plan in place for healthcare delivery? If so, what is the plan and who is responsible for its implementation? Week 5-A: Congress is cutting hospital reimbursements, and hospital systems are merging to survive. Ambulatory care settings provide healthcare on an outpatient basis. In fact more than half of all surgical procedures are now performed in ambulatory surgery facilities. Ambulatory care settings include but are not limited to physician offices, urgent care centers, dialysis facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, cancer clinics, imaging centers, endoscopy clinics, public health clinics, and other types of outpatient clinics. What is responsible for these current trends, and is it good, bad, inevitable? As a result of the large variety of ambulatory healthcare settings, is the quality of patient care better or worse?

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