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June 11, 2021
Instructions: Go to www.clipsforclass.com, click on developmental tab. then scroll to adulthood and the movie clip:Dealing with the Office BullyThis piece from the Good Morning America radio show disc
June 11, 2021

prepare and deliver a speech

Your speech should have a main point or message and hopefully include a mix of humor with a serious morals or lesson learned. in other words there should be a point to the speech instead of a life lesson you have learned in other words there should be a point to the speech instead series of one-liners strung together, one after another. You might include a light hearted story.

topic may include

Wedding toast (best man or maid/matron of honor speech

Birthday speech

Farewell Speech

Graduation speech

Funeral speech

Commemorative speech

This paper should be 1 page


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