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Daily Telegram                                                                                             3/10/2017 Daily Telegraph intends how drug abuse have become a common norm among the young adults in most parts of the United Kingdom. This is according to the National Drugs Control System. The drug control body through its spokesperson stated that young adults in Britain have indulged in drugs abuse due to varying reasons. There is a dire need for the state bodies to join hands and develop strategic measures that will help in averting the rising trend which is perceived as disastrous in the near future. The government should cooperate with national drug control agencies as well as with the International drug control and prevention organizations to fight against drug sales and production. The Manchester City mayor who accompanied the National Drug Control System spokesman stated that the authorities in Manchester have begun operations with the main aim being to crack down all drug cartels in the region. According to the mayor, drug cartels are powerful forces operating across the globe under strong networks. Therefore, the only way that the United Kingdom government could be successful in its operations is by identifying supply routes and operation networks not only within the United Kingdom borders but across different nations. Daily Telegram is global broadcasting cooperation based in the United Kingdom whose main goal is to inform listeners across the world with what is happening. Our core mission is to ensure that we offer reliable news to our listeners in order to keep them well informed. The news release should be sent to Manchester County, United Kingdom. It is intended for people residing in the county particularly those who use online platforms as their main source of news. The news release should also target the social media channels like twitter and Facebook and blog. Also it should aim at reaching U.K national magazines and televisions. Therefore, the news release should be sent online via the Daily Telegram online. Contact: Daily Telegram Website: 231 South Street, London, Britain. For more information, please visit our website.   Part 2: Monitoring and commenting on online PR activity and usage of 2 brands Social media is a critical marketing tool. A significant number of companies across the globe have turned to the use of social media as a tool of marketing their products and services as well as means through which they are able to disseminate important information about their products as well as their services.   Virgin and Emirate airlines which have been using the social media as their main tool of conveying important updates to their clients across the world will be used as the marketing brands for the news release. These two brands will serve as important avenues for the news release as the Daily Telegraph will manage to reach a significant number of viewers through the social media sites owned by the Virgin and Emirate Airlines. Consequently, the use of the Virgin and Emirate Airlines will play a significant role in easing the marketing operations for the news release as well as cost reductions.