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November 25, 2020
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November 25, 2020
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PSY 331 Psychology of Learning Wk5-D2



Prior to engaging in this discussion, please read “Chapter 8: Owning  Our Learning Experiences” in your e-book and review the Instructor  Guidance. Metacognition is the ability to be aware of  and regulate one’s thought processes. It is suggested to be a process  that improves our ability to effectively process information. Consider  the benefits of being more aware of your own learning needs and how it  might affect both your personal and professional goals. Discuss the  following: How could an increased awareness of information processing, your  learning style, and your attention and self-regulation strategies  potentially affect your performance in your academic journey? Your career development/professional life? Based on your career goals, how can a better understanding of how we learn be applied?
(e.g. in your organization? your community? your volunteer efforts?) Did you learn anything important about yourself through the process of learning about learning? What did you learn about your peers in the class through the process of learning about learning? How will you apply what you have learned about yourself in your  future learning activities (whether you are the learner or the  instructor in these activities)? Do you agree or disagree that by applying the elements of  metacognition into your studies, you will improve your ability to learn  more effectively?


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