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Public/Community Health Clinical Experience Proposa

complete your Public/Community Health Clinical Experience Proposal, You will find below the guiding to guide  you through this assignment. 

1.Described the clinical site (25 pts.)a.Describes the clinical site thoroughly, including location and demographics of location and population served (15 pts.)b.Describes appropriateness of the clinical site to a community/population health focus as well as application to professional nursing practice (10 pts.)
2.Described the role of the preceptor(25 pts.)a.Describes the role of the proposed BSN preceptor as a community/ population-based BSN prepared nurse and nurse leader (15 pts.)b.Describes the value of the nursing student having an experience with a BSN prepared nurse preceptor in general, and specifically with the proposed preceptor, integrating nursing standards of practice (10 pts.)

3Included at least one professional article (5 pts.)a.Includes at least one professional nursingjournal article (5 pts.)a.Includes article that lacked professional credibility  (3 pts.)a.Fails to include professional journal article (0 pts.)Contact information for a.Includes contact information for BSN preceptor, including preceptor name, clinical site name, phone contact, address, and email contact (10 pts.)Paper submitted in proper APA format(5 pts.)a.    Includes Title Page, body of paper, and reference list with <3 APA, grammar, or spelling errors (5 pts.)    (No page length requirements.  Suggested page length of paper for the body of the paper is one to two pages in length.)


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