Research Paper Topics Writing

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Research paper topics writing should be chosen with utmost care so you don’t have to face problem at any later stage of the research work. Try to choose any topic in which you are already familiar.

The research work will start after you select your topic and make the necessary problem statement. Then you need to collect the required data according to the sampling technique. The next step is to do the necessary classification of data. Classification is the process of arranging the collected statistical information under different categories or classes according to some common characteristics possessed by the individual members. Statistical data collected during the course of an investigation are so varied that it is not possible to appreciate, even after a careful study, the true significance of the figures unless they are properly arranged. To make the data really useful, they must be classified or grouped into homogenous categories, so that the like will go with the like and the unlike with the unlike. Classification prepares the ground for enabling comparison and analysis by instituting a logical and orderly arrangement of data. For example, during the population census, apart from the number of members in each family, various other information, e.g. age, sex, occupation etc. of all people in the country are collected. The total population is then classified according to sex into males and females; according to age groups 0-10 years, 10-20 years etc.; according to livelihood into agricultural classes, production other than cultivation, commerce, transport etc. If such classifications are not made, it will not be possible to analyze the data and reveal their true significance of the heaps of material collected during the population census. Broadly, there are four types of analysis-

1)      On qualitative basis- Classification of the total population of a country on the basis of sex, religion, occupation etc. belongs to this type. This is also known as classification by attributes.

2)      On quantitative basis- Classification of the total population according to age, or of industries according to the number of persons employed, etc. are included in this page. Here, the basis of classification is some variable, and hence this is also known as classification by variables.

3)      On time basis- Some statistical data are arranged in order of their time of occurrence. Production of a factory may be shown by weeks, months, quarters or years. Statistical data classified according to time are known as time series.

4)      On geographical basis- The total population of a country may be classified by States or districts, or exports of a particular commodity from UK may be classified by the country to which exported. The basis of classification in such cases is by geographical regions.

After classification of the collected data the data are analyzed to arrive at any definite conclusion. This analysis of the data is very important as the correctness of the analysis tools will determine the whole effort of your research.

The whole process should be written minutely with the necessary additional chapters to make a perfect research paper.