For this assignment, you need to identify 2 variables related to your area of study (preferably two additional ones to the ones identified in Module 3), then find at least 3 scholarly articles that used each of the two variables and fill out the attached table with the information requested. Note: You may end up with 6 studies, if these variables were not used together in the past.
If you not have constructs/variables identified yet, you may use the following Web site to find new ones:
Make sure the articles you select use some type of regression, path analysis or Structural Equation Modeling.
Use the Module 4 SLP (MS Excel) Template and fill out all the information.
You will be asked to describe or state the following for EACH article about your selected variable: Note – these questions are already in the Template – no need to copy them. Please look at both tabs and clarify instructions in the template.

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