Taxes toTaxes to fund Homelessness ServicesPaper details:Answer the following questions based on the topic above. WHO? Overview of the people involved in the campaign Provide information about the people involved within the campaign, for and against the Proposition • Who put this on the ballot? Why? Who are the measures’ most important supporters and opponents? (Look on the website for endorsements or the ballot pamphlet for this info) Why did they get involved in this issue? • What constituencies are they most connected to? What neighborhoods/communities have they worked in/with? What communities/sectors do they work most closely with? • Who is contributing money to the campaign on each side? (See SF Elections Commission/CA Sec. of State/Maplight foundation for this information) Do you see a pattern (mostly from businesses, what industries, unions, small business owners, individuals, etc.)? • Are there independent expenditure committees supporting the campaign (or opposing it)? Who is behind them?Five minimum sources fund Homelessness ServicesThe post 8 October, 2018 00:46 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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