Application: Criminal Justice Resources

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Application: Criminal Justice Resources

Your loved one needs treatment for a medical condition. Are you more likely to utilize a medical protocol described in a leading medical journal, or a product from an infomercial? Most people would want to use the most reliable and credible resources. The same is true when you are doing research in criminal justice.

During the process of tracking down resources on a particular topic in criminal justice you may evaluate resources with varying levels of quality. Just like you would make sure you have the best information for a medical issue faced, you need to do so in your research at Walden.

For this Assignment, consider types of resources that can be used in criminal justice that are credible and reliable. You examine the different types of information sources to determine if they are reliable and crediable. Then, in Week 8, using the best practices you identified, you will select 5 interrelated resources that pertain to your area of interest in the field of criminal justice. So, look ahead, to review what you will be doing in Week 8, so you can begin to identify resources early.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Refer to your Weekly Learning Resources when identifying information sources:

  • Explain the area of criminal justice in which you are interested
  • Provide a list of the 5 information sources you selected that would be appropiate for researching your area of interest (Note: Examples include US DoJ databases, journals, and databases. Not specific articles)
  • Be sure to use proper APA formatting
  • Explain how you identified your resources are credible and reliable
  • Your resources should be a mixture of professional organizations (such as those listed in your Chapter 11 readings) and resources from the Walden Library.

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