ISBN: 9781111571269
From chapter 3 – Work problems 36 and 38 on pages 99-100.

From chapter 4 – work problems 23, 33, 47, and 48.

On the problems where computations are required, you can submit your work either written on paper and scanned, in Excel, or whatever form works best for you. I do like to see detailed work so that I can provide you feedback on your work. On discussion questions (such as problems 47 and 48 from chapter 4), please submit using Word (or something similar). For these two, please don’t send over 1 doubled spaced page for the two questions combined.

One thing you might not have noticed – at the end of each chapter, the authors supply you with detailed solutions to some of the even-numbered problems. These should be helpful to you as you completed your homework. Always feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.

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