Assignment: Case Study – On line submission

Assessment:Assessment 3
Type:2nd Assignment: Case Study – On line submission
Assignment descriptionThe Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) epidemic in South Korea occurred between 26 May and 28 July 2015.  A total of 186 cases, including 36 deaths, were recorded during this epidemic.  The Samsung Medical Centre (SMC ; ) in Seoul was determined to be the source of at least 48% of all MERS-CoV cases recorded in South Korea.  Discuss three deficiencies in this (or other South Korea’s) hospital’s structures and processes which might Or were determined to) have contributed to this outbreak.  Comprehensive response requires you to be familiar with the mechanisms for airborne infection disease transmission in hospital settings (e.g. see; ).
Due Date: 
Presentation Length/Penalties for high Turnitin similarity:No word count limit.  Penalty for Turnitin similarity is 1 mark deduction above 30%;  2 marks deduction above 45%; 3 marks deduction above 55%, 4 marks deduction above 65%; 5 marks deduction above 75%, 6 marks deduction above 85%.
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