Assignment-Mental Health Promotion in Australia

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Assignment-Mental Health Promotion in Australia

Word length 2000 words Total weight: 40% How is this assessment connected to the learning outcomes? Assessment 2 relates to learning outcomes 1, 2 & 4:
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1. demonstrate a critical understanding of the key models and theories of health promotion as they are applied to mental health; 2. demonstrate advanced professional knowledge of mental health promotion, prevention.and early intervention strategies and methods; 3. apply key health promotion principles and theoretical concepts to make recommendations for mental health promotion programs; 4. communicate advanced understanding of the social, environmental and economic determinants of mental health; and 5. utilise advanced critical reflection skills to enhance clinical practice in mental health.
Instructions on how to complete this assessment Mental health promotion is based on the five fundamental principles of the Ottawa Charter:
1. Building healthy public policy 2. Creating supportive environments 3. Strengthening community action 4. Developing personal skills 5. Reorientating health services
For this assignment you will need to review and present evidence of mental health promotion/prevention in Australia using the five principles of the Ottawa Charter as sub-headings in the body of your essay. Please note it must be a program or project that has already run, not one newly funded. The evidence must come from your analysis of the program/project not a peer reviewed evaluation paper. Please communicate with me If you are unsure. Your completed essay should provide: an overview of Australian mental health promotion initiatives; and examples of specific Australian mental health promotion/prevention initiatives across the lifespan. Examples of mental health promotion/prevention initiatives should be presented in a 6-column Table using the following headings (see example in lane-Llopis es al.. 2005, p. 18):
• Name of program • Target group • Aims and objectives • Risk and protective factors • Health impact • Social and economic impact
To do well in this assignment you will need to research the topic widely and aim to draw on different sources of evidence from across a number of levels (i.e. systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental and process evaluations). When researching the topic you are allowed to include some overseas information in order to highlight parallels/comparisons between Australia and overseas. However, the bulk of the essay should be dedicated to efficacy of Australian mental health promotion initiatives and/or programs.
Starting reference: Jane-Llopls, E., Barry, M., Hosman, C.. & Patel, V. (2005). Mental health Promotion works: a review. Global Health 4/04/2018 Scanned with CamScanner

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