Benefits of AI in Medicine

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This research paper will explore the benefits of artificial intelligence within the medical field. I have done research on this and I have 8 sources that have to be cited throughout the paper. We had to create three questions to ask throughout our paper. They are as follows:

1. What is artificial intelligence?

2. How can artificial intelligence improve medicine?

3. Should artificial intelligence be integrated into medicine?

Each of these questions will be subheadings for each body paragraph.

More instructions and annotated bibliography are attached.

For the last major assignment of this course, you will finalize the research you have been conducting all semester on your topic and turn it into a synthesized argument.

For guidance in writing an APA style research paper, consult the Purdue Owl Website at or use the APA template found in Microsoft Word.

Elements of this research paper will consist of the following (coinciding with APA formatting style for a research paper):

Title Page (I will create this myself)
• Consisting of a RUNNING HEAD title and page number in header (and throughout the paper)
• Title of paper
• Your Name

• Should be on a new page after Title Page
• Includes a purpose statement based on conclusions reached through the research
• Summary of main points of your paper
• State the methods of research
• Include types of data collected
• Conclusions made based on your research
• Make sure this section is written after the paper is completed
• Should be 150-250 words in length

• The first paragraph should tell your reader the purpose of the report with regard to what you intend to do in this paper (this is where your thesis statement comes in)
• It should introduce your topic, along with some background information about the topic
• It should also tell your reader what your research questions are

Body of Paper
• This will encompass all the research you have conducted in answering your research questions
• This section should synthesize the research of your sources with your overall analysis/argument
• You should have section headings here that denote each of the questions being answered through your research
• Your graphics are in this section of your paper (tables, charts, illustrations, pictures, etc.); there should be at least one graphic in your paper (no more than two)
• All in-text citations are located in the body of the paper; all sources listed in the Reference page must be cited in the paper at least once
• Your argument should be prevalent throughout the paper, but especially in your answer to the Question of Policy

• Summarize paper and your opinion
• Restate key points and conclusions reached in the paper

Reference page (I will create this myself)
• At least 8 credible sources (I will supply the 8 sources that need to all be cited throughout the paper)
• Must be in APA style formatting (listed alphabetically, correct indents, correct punctuation, etc.)
• There should be NO Annotations included in this section

Writing Style

• Paper must be written in 3rd person voice, not first person voice (except for Conclusion section)
• Do not use contractions
• Use academic writing
• Use topic sentences and smooth transitions throughout
• Use proper guidelines for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure throughout the paper

Formatting Specifications, Due Date, and Grading:

• Rough Draft is due by 11PM on Friday, June 29th in the Group Peer Review section
• APA formatting with 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman)
• Must be at least 8 pages in length (minimum of 2000 words); length of paper does not include title page, abstract, or reference pages
• The assignment is due by Monday, July 2nd at 11PM. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BEYOND THIS DUE DATE!
• The assignment is graded on 100 point scale and is worth 25% of your overall grade for the course.

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