NU3342 Therapeutic Interventions In Mental Health Care


“Critically discuss a therapeutic intervention used in mental health practice” submitted via turnitin


The following Learning Outcomes are to be assessed using this piece of work:

1Articulate the challenges of working in accordance with  contemporary mental health policy guidance
2Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with a range of people with mental health needs

This is assessed in practice

3Critically appraise and utilise principles underpinning key mental health interventions


Your essay should be focussed upon a particular evidence-based intervention which is used within contemporary mental health nursing practice with people experiencing common mental health difficulties or severe mental health difficulties or both.

You should consider the following points within your discussion and critically analyse the material and evidence available drawing upon various examples from practice to illustrate your reflection:



                  Proposed outline of the essay (like an abstract)

Your choice of intervention that you will explore in depth

Confidentiality considerations (if needed)

Your introduction should inform the reader the areas that you are going to cover within your assignment

It should form the focus of the assignment

Don’t start covering other things that you have not said you intend to cover and make sure you have covered all the areas that you said you would.


Main body

Three main areas to cover

1/             A review of the literature; what the evidence base is for the intervention you have chosen to cover, a critical review of the literature

2/             How the intervention is undertaken in practice. The details relating to the intervention include a definition, and the principles and procedures undertaken as part of the intervention. Can include practice examples to illustrate your procedural knowledge (how it is undertaken)

3/             How does the approach / intervention link with the contemporary mental health policy guidelines? And what are the challenges of working in accordance with contemporary mental health policy guidance?


Summary of the main body; this section should not bring in any new evidence.

Thoughts on how will/might this affect your practice?

What implications does this have for mental health nursing in general?

Evidence base

  • Review the literature around the effectiveness of the intervention in clinical practice; use a good range of appropriate academic sources.
    • Could say what your search strategy was and how many hits you found; did you have to select papers how did you do this
    • Look at research papers and academic literature
      • Does the research have validity and reliability
        • CASP tools might help with this
      • Think about the numbers involved in the studies small or large scale projects
      • Are the research findings clear
      • Where was the research undertaken
      • Can we draw conclusion from the research
      • Look at both sides of the argument review literature for and against
        • Compare
        • Contrast
        • Discuss



Things to consider and check before submission

  • If within your work you have related the intervention to clients you have worked with in clinical practice make sure you have mentioned confidentiality issues in your introduction; and changed any clients’ names and the names of any services or staff members.
  • Make sure you have covered all the learning outcomes in-depth
  • Proof read all your work, then proof read again!!
  • Then ask a friend to proof read it for you before you finally submit!!!
  • Think about:
    • Your grammar does it read and make sense?
    • Spelling; remember spell checkers will not tell you if you have used the right word only if it is spelt correctly! Where; wear; were for example
    • Format of the submission
      • Spacing between paragraphs (do you have paragraphs!)
      • If you are copying and pasting references into your work?
        • Make sure you format them to the same as your assignment such as the font text and size.
      • Proof read your references as well
        • References that are referred to in your text should be in your end text reference list
        • Are all the references in your end text list actually referred to in the body of your work
      • Are you following the correct university guidelines for referencing? Or just doing what you think is OK! They are available on Blackboard
      • Think about your paragraphs
        • A sentence is not a paragraph
        • Two pages of writing should not be one paragraph either
      • Have you addressed all the learning outcomes in full
      • Have you inserted page numbers in your work
        • A footer or header with your G number is also appreciated
        • Please add your word count at the end of the assignment
      • Font please use Ariel
        • Font size 11.5 or 12
      • Use at least line and a half spacing for your work
      • You can use headings if you wish to help you to structure your work
      • There is no need to attach a front sheet unless you have a front sheet for disability purposes

The university now undertakes group supervision which is timetabled into the module

  • All supervision will be undertaken within the group
    • You can bring in small amounts of text to be looked at within the group settings
  • Prepare for each of the supervision session prior to attending what questions do you have
    • You may be placed in small groups for the supervision and your peers will be able to provide you with help as well; such as where you might look for the literature if you are struggling searching the literature or help with evaluating the literature
  • I would advise that in the first session you discuss the feasibility of the intervention you are considering to look at in your assignment
    • Have an idea at this first session what intervention you are considering covering in your assignment
  • In the second session I suggest you bring in an outline of the areas you are going to cover within your assignment
    • An A4 sheet with bullet points of what you are going to cover and in the order you will cover them is a good starting point
    • Or perhaps a mind map of the content of your assignment
  • Session three a small draft of your literature review; we will not be able to look at assignments bring a paragraph of your work comparing and contrasting the literature you have found
    • You will then be able to apply the feedback given to the rest of your assignment
  • Session four is really about any outstanding issues you may have regarding your assignment as your assignment should be near to completion by this stage


  • If you miss any of the timetabled assignment supervision sessions; alternative sessions will not be available and individual sessions will not be arranged; please ensure wherever possible you attend all sessions!


  • Information from the session will be placed on Blackboard when possible, however some of the information will come from the discussions within the groups.



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