Business Paper-ACG2001 Discussion 2

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After numerous campus interviews, Alex Hart, a student at BC, received two office interview invitations from the Orlando offices of two large firms. Both firms offered to cover Alex’s “out-of-pocket expenses” (travel, hotel, and meals). Alex scheduled the interviews for both firms on the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At the conclusion of the interviews, Alex submitted to both firms to be reimbursed for the total out-of-pocket expenses of $296 for mileage, hotel, meals, parking and tolls.

Alex believes this approach is appropriate. If the interviews had been on two different days, the cost each firm would have been $296. Alex is also certain that neither firm knew of the interview with the other firm on that same day. Within ten days Alex received two checks in the mail, each in the amount of $296.

  • Did Alex handle the situation properly?
  • If not, what should she have done?

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