Care Seeking Experiences of Undocumented Immigrants

Qualitative article analysis paper and discussion

Analyze this article according to the information in your text. Each student will create a 1500 to 2500 word paper consistent with APA format critiquing the qualitative nursing research article selected. Utilize the grading criteria for a qualitative study critiques posted in the content section of your course. Students will address:
•Overview of the Study, title and abstract/ Global issues
•Introduction to the Study
•Methods Section
•Results Section
•Discussion Section

This assignment will be graded using this objective grading rubric structure. The grade will consist of the elements of the paper critique as well as the performance in conducting the online discussion.

Remember that this is a “critique” and not a summary. Many students make the error of citing the information regarding sampling, design or statistics, straight from the article. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in the reading as translated to the critique assignment. You will lose points in each section if it is not properly critiqued. Check your text thoroughly and follow the guidelines set out in each appropriate chapter. Most chapters have a table that summarized the information required to critique that section. Additionally, your paper must consist of your own original critique, and not a series of direct quotes. Simply writing down direct quotes is not a critique. This should be a critique written in your own words!

Introduction Section Critique
Evaluation Criteria
1) Introduce the nursing research study you chose.
2) Provide a description of the purpose of the study
3) Address the significance of and need for the study and the gap in the literature
4) Discuss the importance of this research problem to nursing practice.
5) Evaluate the credibility of the researcher(s).

Method Section Critique
Evaluation Criteria
1)Identify research design
2) State the sampling plan.
3) Evaluate the sampling plan strengths and weaknesses including sample size.
4)Identify how data was collected
5)Describe the strengths and weakness of the data collection methods
6) Explain how human subjects were protected

Results Section Critique
Evaluation Criteria
1)Describe the data analysis methods used
2) Address how the analysis methods were appropriate for the research design
3) Summarize the data findings and identify if the researcher made defensible conclusions

Discussion Section Critique
Evaluation Criteria
1) Identify three distinct strengths of this nursing research study. Provide an explanation of why they are strengths, using your knowledge of the research process and details from the research study to support your reasoning.
2) Identify three distinct weaknesses of this nursing research study. Provide an explanation of why they are weaknesses, using your knowledge of the research process and details from the research study to support your reasoning.
3) Based on your review of this nursing research study, discuss whether or not the strengths outweigh the weakness and if the findings contribute to meaningful evidence guiding nursing practice.
4) Do the findings appear valid (quantitative studies) or trustworthy (qualitative studies).

Scholarly Writing
Evaluation Criteria
1) Paper is well written, organized within the paper limitation.
2) The conclusion summarizes important points made in the body of the paper.
3) Grammar, spelling, punctuation are correct.

Conforms to APA standards for headings, citations and reference page.

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