Civil Engineering-Traverse to Partial Co-ordinates

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Traverse to Partial Co-ordinates

STN deg mins Task A : Traverse secs dist A 10 24 56 706.368 B 125 45 22 524.635 C 71 16 45 345.622 D 112 1 45 600.722 E 220 31 30 318.731
A 31007.913 East 26475.427 North
Opening Bearing : the bearing from B to A is given as : Your student number/14400, then convert to DMS For example : student number: 1456789 Divide by 14400 = 101.1659° = 101° 09′ 57″
(i) compile a spreadsheet to compute the traverse to partial co-ordinates and determine the linear misclosure
(ii) identify the gross error and recalculate, and find the difference this gross error had on the linear misclosure
Task B : Setting Out The setting out of the centres of some bridge supports is to be carried out by total station, using angles and distances.
a. Outline the procedure, indicating the possible errors that could affect the final positions and how the precision of the setting out could be checked and improved?
b. Given the two points have co-ordinates as: SOP1 384.312mE 370.874mN SOP2 388.312mE 370.874mN
And the nearest three control points are:
STO9 432.848mE 425.762mN ST11 456.876mE 346.294mE ST16 324.548mE 308.333mN
Determine the setting out data for each point from ST09, using ST11 as the RO.
c. As a check, measurements were taken from ST16 using ST11 as RO. ST16-SOP1 86.503 angle 329-42-26 ST16-SOP2 89.313 angle 331-33-49
What were the discrepancies ?
Assessment Criteria :

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