Computer Science-Design for a Small Web Site

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Design for a Small Web Site

Develop a 5-6 page Word document that describes the design for a small Web site that meets the following specifications. •The Web site includes four or more Web pages designed according to current usability guidelines. ◦One page must be the Home page.  ◦One page must be a subscription page that allows the user to become a member or subscribe to your organization and performs HTML data validation.   •The Web site must incorporate the use of the following: ◦Images and Audio  ◦At least one table (NOT for page layout)  ◦At least one form   ◦Navigation  ◦Other valid HTML elements  ◦Produce a cohesive site that is easy to navigate.   •The Web site must include external CSS used to format and layout each Web page.  •Validate the HTML in each Web page.  •Validate the CSS style rules in each CSS.  •The design document must include details about your design, technologies employed, potential challenges and explanations regarding your validation process. Include a title page.  •Add the design document to the Visual Studio Web site folder.  •Submit the Word Design document and the Web site into a .zip file.

Please add your file.   You will be graded on the design and functionality of the Web site. You will be graded on the usability of the Web site. You will be graded on the ability to include the required Web pages and the required HTML elements in the Web site. You will be graded on the use of CSS to format and layout Web pages. Points will be deducted for a missing or incomplete site plan. Points will be deducted for missing required Web pages. Points will be deducted for any missing required elements and/or attributes. Points will be deducted for any HTML or CSS validation errors including any missing accessibility requirements.

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