After reviewing the required readings found in the module background section, HIGHLIGHT (using a PDF editor) OR copy into an MS Word document, the following information for each of the papers. Upload each highlighted paper or one Word document to the Module Case Dropbox.
Please take a look at the Sample Case Submission – Module 4 – highlighted PDF. The highlights in the sample address the questions below.
Important: Most authors will NOT specifically state some of these, you must learn to make your own judgement calls.
For 6 papers minimum (9 if you are inclined) found on the Background page, identify (by highlight or cut and paste):
1. The research problem
2. The importance of the research
3. The research Model
4. Each major variable and its definition.
5. The control variables
6. The research methodology
7. Summary of the demographics of the participants
8. Measurement Validity (Item Validity, Internal Consistency, Validity, Discriminant Validity, Convergent Validity)
9. Structural/Regression model relationship results.
10. The samples or the complete set of items.
If you DO NOT have a PDF Editor just cut and past the relevant sections into one separate WORD File for each case file.

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