Critical Thinking / Review-Family Court Bias

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Family Court Bias

Read Anthony Weston “A practical companion to Ethics”, Chapter 4, then go to page 83. Look at the second paragraph from this section on p. 83 and identify your own position on an important issue or topic. (Do not use the Death Penalty) List the issue or topic, then, using the assigned texts for this course, plus three research articles, write a 3-4 page paper that addresses the following and be sure to include in-text citations and an additional reference page using APA documentation style:

Name three supporting stances that you have on this issue or topic. Use research to support your stances.

Describe three significant positions for this topic/issue that one with opposing views might have and tell why. Cite research.

In your opinion, using depth and clarity, explain whether or not could you agree with any of these opposing views and why?

What is your strongest and most important viewpoint on this topic/issue?

What do you feel is the strongest and most precise viewpoint from the opposing side and why?

Describe three ethical theories from Weston Chapter 3 and explain how they are relevant to this topic.

Please describe your position on this topic based on an ethical theory and describe three leadership skills from Ciulla that you would use if you were to present this information to a selected audience. (You may create a fictitious audience)

Be sure to include a reference page, with all sources listed. This paper must be presented in APA documentation style, 12 font, double spaced.

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