Collaborative Mission Statement

For this assignment, conduct an Internet search for school mission statements. Locate three examples of mission statements that you like. Note the characteristics of these statements and the language used. These mission statements will serve as models for your assignment. Consider how some mission statements contain language that may not be connected to the organization. These mission statements read like a series of buzzwords and lack the cohesive, vision-capturing language that allows for stakeholder buy-in. After you have explored these mission statements, you should complete the following:

Identify a list of educational goals that you would like to see integrated into a mission statement.

Develop a list of key stakeholders you believe would contribute effectively to a collaborative mission statement writing project (think about the roles of people who help inform the vision for an educational organization).

Create an activity that you would use to engage these stakeholders in the process of mission statement development around the specific goals you identified.
Length: 1-2 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: If you use outside sources for this assignment, be sure to include a reference page.

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