Guided Reflection

Answer these questions
1. What skills and abilities do you think you need to learn both in and out of the classroom? How will you go about learning them?

2. What are your plans to develop productive and professional relationships with professors, classmates, online connections, mentors, employers, etc.?

3. Share insights you gained from the declaration and participation in an on-campus/in-the-community activity you completed for the practicing intentionality assignment.
4. If you were to pick a project today, do you think you’d focus on deepening knowledge and experiences, broadening knowledge and experience or participating in a passion project? Why are you leaning that way?

5. What is a recent or memorable situation that you found difficult or challenging? When considering the possibility of future failures, setbacks and/or obstacles, do you anticipate incorporating similar techniques? Explain.

6.If you never earned another letter grade, how would you evaluate your educational success?

1. Copy the questions below and paste them into the document.
2.Bold the questions and number them.
3. Press return and write your response in the document.
4. Skip a space before the next question.

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