For this essay, you will write a simple evaluation essay. As our book, everything’s an argument points out and as my detailed discussion suggests, in order to evaluate something, you have to establish criteria to use to assess that something. The criteria depend upon what you are evaluating, so you will need to give careful thought to the ones you establish. You will need to first decide which of the following options you want to evaluate and then you will need to list at least four criteria that you would consider to evaluate that thing.

Options to evaluate:
1. A recent book you read
2. A federal law, like Title IX
3. A news story
4. A commercial
5. A Headstone in a cemetery
6. An obituary
7. A movie
8. A family restaurant
9. An upscale restaurant
10. A fast-food restaurant
11. A greeting card
12. A sports team
13. A country song
14. Abuilding, the architectural elements
15. Any new technology, like the new IPhone8
Your task is to first identify the option, but you are not to just say “a musical movie.” Instead, you must name the movie, for example Les Misérables. Next, you will need to explain criteria and characteristic of those criteria you will be using to assess the option you selected. Our textbook gives you details that you need to not only consider but also apply.
You will identify the audience for this document, for the selection will dictate your audience. You will state that audience in your cover memo. If you do not state your audience, I will not have any way to assess your essay.
Of course, the criteria serve as grounds, so this argument will still fit within the Toulmin model, so you also need a rebuttal. Do you see why I wanted you to understand Toulmin?

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