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Please examine the sample paper for writing assignment #2 (the four-source essay). The paper is about The Onion Router (TOR). This is not a perfect paper. However, it serves as a good example of how a topic can be researched and how four articles on the topic can be synthesized into a four-source essay for this class.
Please read through the paper. Then answer the following questions. Your answers can be in short paragraphs.

1. In the paper, notice how the writer integrates all four sources into his second paragraph. How does he integrate all four sources? In other words, what distinctions is he showing among the four sources? Does he indicate any similarities among the four sources?
2. The writer cited Jahani and Jalili in various parts of the paper. What did Jahani and Jalili add to the literature on the TOR router, according to this paper? You might focus on paragraphs 2 and 4.

Reference additional file: sample wa2 TOR

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