Finance, Writer’s Choice (Finance / Accounting related)3500 words. (max limit) 1. Background to and rationale for research proposal (Grade weightage: 10% / approx. 350words) a. Nature of research topic, express in the form of a problem which needs solving. b. Emphasise the significance of the research to the organization. c. Brief description of the background and state why your research is worth the effort. (Proposal should provide a good background to and rationale for the research proposed. The nature of the topic and it’s worthiness for exploration should be conveyed to a reader.) 2. Literature review (Grade weightage: 20% / approx. 700 words) – must link to #1 and #3 a. Use literature review to show why study is important b. Articulate relevance and significance of existing research in chosen field. (Relevant literature should be drawn upon to set the scene and ground the topic as well as highlight the importance of the study. There should be a clear link between literature and the relevance for the study.) 3. Statement of research aim and objective (Grade weightage: 5% / approx. 200 words) and associated hypothesis / question – should leave reader in no doubt as to precisely what our research seeks to achieve. There should be clear link between the literature and the relevance for the study. 4. Selection of appropriate research philosophy, supported by discussion and justifications (Grade weightage: 20%/ approx. 700words) – (explain why alternative philosophy is NOT appropriate). Research philosophy relates to your view about the development of knowledge and the nature of that knowledge in relation to research. The specified philosophy will be selected from positivism, realism, interpretivism, pragmatism, and the selection should be justified. In good to outstanding answers – explanation would be expected of not only just which philosophy is adopted and why, but why it is preferred to other philosophical stances. 5. Selection of appropriate research design, with accompanying description, supported by justifications of:- (Grade weightage: 30% / approx. 1050words) a. Your approach – deductive or inductive; (explanation and justification of deductive or inductive or both approaches being adopted). b. Type of study, exploratory or descriptive or explanatory (specifying whether exploratory or descriptive or explanatory, and explaining / justifying why) c. Strategy, justifying in context of how it is suited to enabling you to answer research question and meet research objective – specifically to the case / setting / population for data collection; d. Nature of data to be collected – secondary or primary; e. How you intend to negotiate access to data, and from who; f. Your sampling strategy; g. Techniques you intend to use to collect and analyse data – qualitative or quantitative or mixed (importantly, consideration of why other techniques are not suitable for your study. Or rather including why the techniques selected are more appropriate than those not selected.) 6. Identify any ethical issues that may arise and how you are going to address it (Grade weightage: 5% / approx. 175words) (if there are no ethical issues this must be stated and explained and justified) Overall, structure, clarity, communication of content (Grade weightage: 10%) for thrust, flow, integration and cohesion of research proposal to a reader based upon academic judgement.The post Finance, Writer’s Choice (Finance / Accounting related) appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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