Geography region & diffusion exerciseI will upload everything I wrote to help with this assignment. let me know if you need anything from me. please read the instructions. I only found one source of website if you can find one reliable better that would help. this assignment does not want no outside resources paid for 2 pages just in case you go over 1 pageI  am Puerto Rican growing up in the old Oakbrook projects which is now called something other than the projects I believe its Oakbrook homes from 80’s -mid 90’sWhen I was growing I remember oakbrook was surrounded by companies such as Baldwin company, reading body and works, I think either a Army National guard or Reserve Unit was there also. holy name high school which is now called berks catholic high school, it also had a Olivet’s boys and girls club, a bingo hall, and a truck which sold some groceries on the street. I remember that there were majority of Latinos especially Puerto ricans, not many of other races. Gangs and drug dealers ran these neighborhoods and there were a lot of violence, shootings, fights. I joined a gang to fit in and to feel like family. We barely asked any questions or anything like that. All we knew is what we saw on the streets and learned something else from school which we were taught were only for white people to succeed. They blamed white people for the reason we were there in the first place and we should watch and take care of our own and no one else. That neighborhood taught me that I will never return to it or associate with people like them, regardless of race.The post Geography region & diffusion exercise appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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