Healthcare-Discussion: Correlation and Regression

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Discussion: Correlation and Regression

After completing the reading for this module, post any questions you have about correlation and regression. You could share a problem from Chapter 14 that you do not understand.

I am confused on regression for ANOVA testing. Gertsman (2015), states that regression sum of squares is analogous to the sum of squares between groups in one-way ANOVA, while the residual sum of squares is analogous to the sum of squares within groups in one-way ANOVA. When do we use regression with ANOVA? Do we only use it when data is significantly different?

Gerstman, B. B. (2015). Basic biostatistics: Statistics for public health practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Felicia Gennetti
I found the population regression model confusing on how and when to use it. Figures 14.12 and 14.13 are confusing too on what it is representing. The example given with population regression model does not makes sense and I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me understand the concept better!

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