The Response Essay was about a topic that UMUC found for you. For this assignment and the two that follow it, you can either continue using that topic OR select one of your own. I will provide some suggestions, but you can select any topic you wish as long as it is controversial and is a subject experts and scholars are debating. I strongly urge you to choose a topic that personally interests you, as you will be spending a lot to time thinking about it this semester. For this assignment you will be researching, collecting and building a Reflective (as in your evaluations) Annotated (as in notes about each article) Bibliography composed of 5-6 articles from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources that relate to your topic.Summarize the point of view and evidence from each article in the Precis section of each annotation. Collect a series of terms that you would use to find this article on a search engine in the Vocabulary section. In the Reflection section you will evaluate and analyze the merit of the author’s opinions and how you plan to use the article for your essay. Finally you will present 5-6 single sentence quotes from each article that best represent the opinion or arguments of the author. This is the Quotables section.NOTE: Please number each annotation, and put at least two line spaces between each of them so it is easier for me to see how many you have.The post History Annotated bibliography, Did Hitler Escape or Did he commit suicide? appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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