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29th June 2018

When one is discussing about the childhood obesity argumentative essay then one considers some of the factors like what is obesity. It is required to give proper definition to obesity. The obesity is a disease that is caused when the fats and carbohydrates store in huge quantity. This is the result of changing life style. Changing life style means that people sued to eat the same food in the past times, but now the junk or fast food have taken place. These food processing systems are based on many diseases. This obesity is one among them. This results in the rise of many diseases like asthma etc. While putting childhood obesity argumentative essay one should keep the points like should government or the health ministry of the sate concerned take any step to reduce the obesity? The government at all level should be concern of this factor. Obesity is causing imbalance in the life of many persons. According to statistics from center of disease and control (2013), there are 35.7% of Americans who are obese. These obese conditions are due to way people eat. The eating habits are spoiled nowadays. People are not concerned about their health.

One should put an argument that explains obesity with its demerits. The childhood obesity argumentative essay focuses more on causes of such obesity. What are the causes of obesity should be known? There should be mutual understanding between the government and people. The obese people should understand the same. The demerits of obesity should be explained by the health ministries. To write about obesity, one need to make the abstract and executive summary that will describe the obese people. The thesis statement should be made so that it considers various aspects of obesity. The obesity topic should be dealt with carefully. There are different standards of obesity. These standards refer to types of obesity people suffer from. The people should eat nutrient rich food. It is like putting more understanding of obesity. Consider more points about obesity argumentative essay. It should be followed by claim that an individual can make. The psychology questions need to be put up. The obesity should be given a national problem. In one sight, it takes away the life of the individual.
There should be made sampling techniques. These sampling techniques should include both qualitative and quantitative method. The qualitative and quantitative approach is based on interview, collecting data and such like. While considering childhood obesity argumentative essay, one need to focus more on to make argument on fast food industries. This fast food industry attracts the people. The obese people tends to get attract towards the fast food. These processed food lack in nutrients like protein and vitamins. These are enriching in fats and carbohydrates. Recent scientific study on obese people shows that they are more attracted towards the fast food. This causes obesity to them. The counter argument should be followed with different methodology. The reason should be given why this methodology is considered. This methodology should be explained in detail.

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